From 01-Jun-2010, Argentinian customs imposes new regulations on all ocean inbound shipments. In order to ensure that your freight is not held at the Argentine Customs, please follow the below instructions which are required as per New regulation:

- No changes required to the commercial invoice

- MBL and HBL/s must show consignee’s CUIT number. It is the unique tax identification code. These numbers should be provided by shipper or AR CS department and must be stated/shown in the field “consignee”.

CUIT  is the Argentinian national identification number for for taxpaying purposes,  (Código Único de Identificación Tributaria).   The first two digits to identify the CUIT for companies are for instance: 30 or 33. The CUIT was needed because a different identification is required for companies, who cannot be identified by a DNI number.

- For all LCL & FCL Ocean Import Shipments with destination Argentina, it will be mandatory to add in the Master Bill of Lading the phrase  “Consolidated Cargo” . This phrase must be stated/shown in the field “description of packages & goods”  in the MBL.

- The HBL must include the cargos HTS / NCM code. Minimum 6 digits required. If multiple goods, the greater invoice value to be applied. HTS code must be provided by shipper.

Метеорологичната обстановка в Ченай, Индия

Зоната с ниско налягане, която се оформи в понеделник, 17-05-2010, на около 600 км изтоко-югоизток от Ченай, се разви в циклонна буря (Лайла)

Според синоптиците, вероятно бурята ще се насочи на запад-северозапад и след това ще промени посоката си към крайбрежието на Андра.

По крайбрежието на Тамил Наду и особено в Ченай, от снощи валят силни дъждове. Циклонът Лайла се очаква да прекоси брега утре като се предвижда проливните дъждове в Ченай да продължат.

Пристанищните операции на контейнерния терминал са прекратени поради силните пориви и над пристанище Ченай е издигнат флаг 3.

Метеорологичните условия, ще окажат влияние върху акостирането и отплаването на корабите, което ще доведе до изпускане на връзки с основните маршрути на контейнерните линии.

За повече информация, можете да се обърнете и към Арис Карго – комапния предлагаща спедиторски и логистични услуги.

Chenai weather conditions

A depression which formed over southeast bay on Monday, became a deep depression and further intensified into a cyclonic storm (Laila) and lay centred today at 0830 hrs IST, approximately 600 kms east – southeast of Chennai.

As per weather reports, it is likely to move in a west/north-westerly direction for some time and then north/north-westerly direction towards the Andhra coast.  Heavy to very heavy rains are being experience in coastal Tamil Nadu and in particular Chennai since late last night and continues so. Cyclone Laila is expected to cross Andhra coast tomorrow morning and expected heavy to very heavy rains have been forecasted for Chennai coast.

Port operations at the container terminal have been disrupted from early this morning due to high swells and flag 3 has been hoisted at Chennai Port.

In view of this inclement weather, berthing and sailing of vessels will be impacted resulting in missing mainline connections.

This information has been received from Aris Cargo partner – CEVA Logistics.

For more information please contact Aris Cargo – Bulgarian freight forwarder and logistics provider.

Europe opens air space excluding Poland

Please see below an important information which I have just received from CEVA Logistics which I consider important and I am sharing it with you.

As of 0845 GMT today Wednesday 21sth April the following is the latest status as to open / closed air space within Europe.

AUSTRIA:                Open

BALKANS:               Open

BALTIC STATES:      Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia open.

BELGIUM:               Open with airline slot time restrictions.


DENMARK:             All airports in Denmark are open until 2:00 am. Except for AAR and AAL, which are in the north of Jutland. Further review later..

FINLAND:          All airports are open in Finland until 15.00 today when a further review will be undertaken.

FRANCE:                 Open with slot time restrictions for CDG / ORY

GERMANY:               Open with slot time restrictions.

HUNGARY:              Open

ITALY:                        Open


NETHERLANDS:      Open with some slot time restrictions.

NORWAY:                 Open with review at 20.00 / 21st April

POLAND:                   Closed (Review   21/4)

PORTUGAL:              Open

RUSSIA:                     Open

SPAIN:                       Open

SWEDEN:                  Open


TURKEY:                    Open

UK & Ireland:          Open


  1. The above reflects a position as at 0800 GMT and only refers to country specific air space.
  2. The above is not an indication that carriers facilities are open and accepting cargo. This will be subject to carrier and country.
  3. Information being obtained from the carriers indicates exports backlogs from AMS, FRA, CDG and LHR to be between 2-4 days subject to destination and carrier.
  4. KL/AF/MP, LH, BA  have advised they will be able to handle new booking with effect from this weekend.

For more information about air traffic to and from Bulgaria please contact Aris Cargo.

Open / closed air space within Europe

Please see below an important information which I have just received from CEVA Logistics which I consider important and I am sharing it with you.

As of 1000 GMT today Tuesday 20th April the following is the latest status as to open / closed air space within Europe.

AUSTRIA:                Open

BALKANS:               Open

BALTIC STATES:      Closed (review 1900GMT 20/4)

BELGIUM:               Closed (Review 1200GMT 20/4)


DENMARK:   Closed (Review 0200GMT 21/4). Test flights scheduled for 1200 20/4 have been canceled due to increased ash over Denmark

FINLAND:                 Closed (Review 1900GMT 20/4)

FRANCE:                 Open with restrictions.  There are only a limited number of flights which are being permitted to operate from CDG/ORY. All air space south of BOD is open.

GERMANY:               Closed with exceptions.  LH are applying for permissions to fly selected flights throughout the day. Officially air space is closed.

HUNGARY:              Open

ITALY:                      Open with restrictions.  MIL/MXP are open for domestic flights and selected international routes. The air space in the south of Italy are open.


NETHERLANDS:      Open with restrictions.  There are limited flights being operated internationally during the morning with anticipated increases during the day.

NORWAY:              Open with restrictions. SVG is now closed until further notice

POLAND:                Closed (Review 1900GMT 20/4)

PORTUGAL:            Open

RUSSIA:                  Open

SPAIN:                    Open

SWEDEN:                Open

SWITZERLAND:      Closed (Review 1900GMT 20/4)

TURKEY:                  Open

UK & IRELAND:   Open with restrictions. In Scotland air space is open until 1300GMT when there will be a further review. In the north of England air space is closed until 1400GMT when there will be a review and in the south of England (LHR/LGW) air space remains closed until 1900GMT when there will be a review.


  1. The above reflects a position as at 1500 GMT and only refers to country specific air space.
  2. The above is not an indication that carriers facilities are open and accepting cargo. This will be subject to carrier and country.
  3. Information being obtained from the carriers indicates exports backlogs from AMS, FRA, CDG and LHR to be between 3-5 days subject to destination and carrier

For more information about air traffic to and from Bulgaria please contact Aris Cargo.

Време е за спешни логистични решения

Майката природа ни показа, колко крехка е нашата цивилизация. Изригването на вулкана Ейяфялайкул (не ме карайте да го прозинеса – няма да мога) парализира повече от 300 летища в Европа, което засегна над шестдесет хиляди полета – това са над един милиард евро загуби.  Което е по-лошото, оказахме се неподготвени.

Икономическите последствия все още не са точно оценени, но ще са огромни и ще засегнат не само въздушния транспорт, който и без това пострада достатъчно  но и всички онези бизнеси, чиито вериги за доставка са базирани на въздушните товари – автомобилна промишленост, фармация, превоз на човешки органи за трансплантация, транспорт на пресни плодове и свежи цветя и др.

Нашата роля като спедитори е да протегнем ръка на всички засегнати бизнеси и да им предложим решения в тази критична ситуация. Ако не го направим, каква е тогава нуждата от нас?

Спешната логистика е решение в критични ситуации.

Вместо да гледаме кое летище не е отворено нека се съсредоточим в летищата които са отворени и как тези отворени порти на Европа могат да се използват. В момента летищата на София и Пловдив са отворени и могат да се използват по оопределени дестинации за редовни и чартърни полети – поемайки на изток. превозът с камиони през Турция също е решение, тъй като турското въздушно пространство е все още отворено (и няма и в скоро време да го затворят – поне не по тази причина).

Разбира се нормалните разходи на веригата за доставка ще се увеличат, но ситуацията не е нормална и новите маршрути могат да бъдат едно решение в този критичен за клиентите момент.   Загубите им от неустойки, забавени доставки и развалена стока ще са много по-големи от нарастналите транспортни разходи.

Ние в Арис Карго сме готови да разгледаме конкретните нужди на всеки един изпращач или търговец и заедно с тях да намерим най-доброто решение в тази ситуация.

Свържете се с нас и споделете каква е конкретната ви ситуация, за да ви помогнем да я разрешите.

It is time for emergency solutions

The nature has explicitly demonstrated how weak and vulnerable our civilization is. The eruption of Eyjafjallajoekull (don’t ask me to pronounce it – I can’t) has paralyzed more than 300 airports in Europe which impacts more than sixty thousand flights so far – these are billions of euro losses. Which is worse, it caught us unprepared.

The economical consequences are still not precisely calculated, but they will be tremendous and will concern not only the air transportation which is directly affected but concern also all businesses which supply chains are based on air freight – automotives, pharmaceuticals, cool supply chain, fresh flowers and products etc.

Now we as forwarders must stretch our helping hand to all the businesses concerned and to provide them with solutions in this emergency situation.  If we miss to do so, why the businesses need us ?

Time critical logistics is solution in emergency situation.

Instead of looking what is closed now lets us see what is opened and how can this opened gateways to Europe be used. At the moment Sofia and Plovdiv airports are opened and can be used to certain destinations for regular and charter flights – going east.  Trucking to Turkey is also an option as Turkish airspace is still opened.  UPS has started re-routing, will you?

Of course the normal cost of the supply chain will be increased but the situation is not normal and the new routings can be an emergency solution to the problems customers has in the moment – problems that might bring much more loses from demurages, delays in schedules or spoiled goods.

Our company Aris Cargo is ready to look at each of your requests and together with you to look for the best solution in this situation.

Contact us and share your needs !

ICTN - International Cargo Tracking Notice- Ocean Shipments Into/Ex Nigeria

The Federal Executive Council in Nigeria has announced the implementation of Cargo Tracking Note System as part of procedure for cargo security and safety. Every commodity loaded or unloaded (Import/Export), at or with Nigeria as the final destination has to, prior of shipment, obtain a Cargo Tracking Note or International Cargo Tracking document from a Nigerian Ports Authority representative at any of the ports around the world. Therefore, all ocean cargo destined for or out of Nigeria (Import/ Export) need to be accompanied by a Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) and every bill of lading has to be accompanied by a corresponding CTN number.

Note that it is the shipper’s responsibility to apply for the CTN number using the below steps:

a. The shipper logs unto TPMS-Antaser website:
b. Shipper creates own account with User Name and Password on the website with which his/her identity will be registered.
c. Shipper accesses CTN Online Form using registered Username and Password in order to make declarations.
d.  Shipper fills and submits the CTN online form and makes payment.
e. TPMS-Antaser (CTN) electronically and instantly conducts:

  • verification of cargo declarations
  • validation
  • control

f. TPMS issues control number to Shipper.
g. Shipper sends cargo advice with CTN number to Carrier for inclusion in Bill of Lading.
h. Carrier includes CTN control number in Bill of Lading. (Carrier is not to accept cargo without CTN control number)

The under-listed CTN tariff regime is to be implemented for the scheme in Nigeria:

Table 1

Export from Nigeria
Destination Cargo Tariff  (Euro or $USD Equivalent)
Empty Containers RORO Dry Bulk Liquid Bulk Groupage Laden Containers
<5tons >5tons or part thereof
ECOWAS Countries Free Free Free Free Free Free Free
Other Countries Free Free Free Free Free Free Free
All Export must have CTN Control Number

Table 2

Import to Nigeria Tariff (Euro or $USD Equivalent)
Cargo Destination
Africa Europe Rest of the World
Empty Container Free Free Free
Laden Container 20” 50 50 50
40” 100 100 100
RORO Vehicle <5ton 50 50 50
>5ton 100 100 100
Bulk/Gen. Cargo 0.1/ton 0.1/ton 0.1/ton
Groupage 5/ton 5/ton 5/ton

Flow Chart (Imports to Nigeria)

Nigeria import flow chart

Nigeria import flow chart

Overall lead time is highly dependent on the Antaser representative at your location.  There are stations where the response is quick and others where the response can take days.

For contact details of the representatives globally, please check here!

СЕВА се разраства в Близкия Изток

СЕВА обяви плановете си за изграждането на нов складов комплекс в Свободната Зона на Дубай, Джебел Али.

Този проект допълнително ще подкрепи СЕВА в тяхната стратегия за развитие в Близкия Изток, която се фокусира върху разширяване на клиентската база и предлагането на консолидационни услуги на клиентите си.

Новото съоръжение ще позволи на СЕВА да разшири възможностите си в контрактната логистика в региона и е голяма крачка към  изпълнението на амбициозния план на компанията да има 100 000 кв. метра складови площи до края на годината.

Новият комплекс, който се планира да е готов към края на 2010, е с вградени модерни технологични съоръжения и ще бъде с LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) сертификат.Складовото съоръжение ще покрива 122 127 кв. м. в Южната Зона на Джебел Али

37 000 кв. м. са отделени за складиране на товарите в камера с температурен режим, която да задоволява нуждите на клиентите от фарамцефтичния сектор, продажбите на дребно и  технологичния сектор.

В България партньор на СЕВА е фирма Арис Карго.

При интерес и за повече информация моля свържете се с нас.

CEVA expands in the Middle East

CEVA has announced plans for a new warehousing facility to be built in Jebel Ali Free Zone in Jafza, Dubai.

The new warehouse supports CEVA’s growth strategy in the Middle East, which is focused on increasing its customer base and offering shared-user and consolidated services to customers.

The new facility will enable CEVA to expand its contract logistics capabilities in the region, and goes a significant way towards achieving the company’s ambitious plan to have 100,000 m2 of warehouse space by the end of this year.

The new purpose-built facility, scheduled for completion by end-2010, will incorporate up to date technology features and will be Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certified.

The new facility will cover a total area of 122,127 m2 in the South Zone of the Jebel Ali Free Zone.

63,000 m2 of the building will house two units: the first will offer more then 35,000 m2 of warehousing and 500 m2 of office space. The second will provide more than 26,000 m2 of warehousing and another 400 m2 of office space.

The warehouse will provide around 25,000 m2 for an Ambient Centre and 37,000 m2 for a temperature control chamber, catering to the needs of customers operating in the healthcare, retail, consumer and technology sectors.